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Access to Information

Request information

On this field, it is possible to inform your request to access information, which will be analyzed and returned with a positive or negative answer. In the field next to it, you can follow the status of the request through the protocol number and password.

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What is Access to Information?

All the citizens have the right to request access to information which, for some reason, have not been made available in the Transparency Portal.

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How can I use it?

In order to request access to information, all you have to do is fill out a short form which specifies which data you would like to have access to.

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Access to Information

The Controller's Office and State Ombudsman's Office (CGE) announces, based on the legislation applied to the matter, the jurisprudence established in the decisions of the Steering Committee on Access to Information, the Transparency Management Reports, the Statistical Reports containing the number of requests for information received, attended, not served and rejected by all the organs and entities of the State Executive Branch, as well as the legislation on the subject.

Statistics of Requests to Access Information

You can learn more about the current Statistics of Requests to Access Information here. These numbers are updated on a monthly basis.
Showing data from January - September of 2023
Done requests
0.83 days
Average time for a response

List of confidential information

In response to what article 29, Law 15175, June 28th, 2012 demands, the Sectoral Access Committee of Access to Information with the State General Controllership and Ombudsman (CGE) presents the list of classified documentation with a degree of confidentiality and the list of declassified information.
Classified and Declassified Information
The Administrative Committee of Access to Information discloses the list of classified and declassified documentation with a degree of confidentiality from the bodies and entities within the State Executive Power.
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