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Citizen Service Channels

Ombudsmen Network

The management model of network Ombudsman ensures the uniformity of processes, procedures and availability of information and contributes to the implementation of public policies and the assessment of services provided.

Social Media

You can use all channels below to dialogue and interact with the State of Ceará, its agencies and entities.

E-mail and telephone

You can use all channels below to dialogue and interact with the State of Ceará, its agencies and entities.

Useful links

State of Ceará Government

'Find various information related to the State Government, among them: news, governor's agenda, secretariat, services, etc.'

Controllership and General Ombudsman of the State of Ceará

Visite o site do órgão de controle interno do Poder Executivo do Estado do Ceará e encontre várias informações, tais como: relatórios de auditoria, de controle interno, de gestão da transparência, de ouvidoria, etc.

Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS)

The SSPDS website provides various information, including: news, statistics, electronic police station, etc.

Secretary of Health (SESA)

SESA makes available on its institutional website information on collective interest, such as: indicators, vaccination schedule, basic data, etc.

Secretary of Finance (SEFAZ)

Find on SEFAZ's website information related to public finances, tax legislation, etc.

Secretary of Education (SEDUC)

Find on the website of the Secretary of Education information regarding to the secretariat projects and programs, to school documentation, etc.

Department of Traffic – Detran CE

Find on DETRAN's website information about the services performed by the agency (Service Center), as well as statistical data, news, etc.

Water and Sewage Company (CAGECE)

Find on CAGECE's website information on the company's tariff structure, the service stores addresses, the fines table, etc...

State Official Gazette

Find official gazette issues of the State of Ceará

Transparency Pages of the Public Ministry of the State of Ceará

Access MP Transparency Pages and find institutional data,such as: annual budget, budgetary and financial execution, procurement, contractual and similar instruments, personnel management and fiscal management reports of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, etc.

Transparency Pages of the Court of Justice State of Ceara

Visit the area of transparency of the Court of Justice and accompany various information, including: Budgetary and financial management, remuneration structure and staff, etc.

Processes follow-up - Viproc

Make processes follow-up!

Transparency Pages of the Legislative Assembly

Find some information of the Legislative Assembly, among them: budget execution, biddings, payroll, etc.

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