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Digital Ombudsmen

What is the Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is the main channel of communication between citizens and the government. It is the citizen's right to speak up, participate and inspect the government, with the aim of improving the quality of public services and identifying irregularities.

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Make your manifestation

The government listens to you. Record requests, complaints, suggestions or compliments. It is also possible to report something wrong without having to identify yourself.

Follow Manifestations

You will be able to follow the service of your manifestation by protocol number or accessing your profile in Ceará Transparente.

Ombudsman's Manual and General Publications

Space destined for publication of the Ombudsman's Manuals of the Controllership and General Ombudsman of the State and of Professional, Academic and Scientific Works dealing with the thematic Ombudsman, Social Participation, Service Evaluation and Access to Information.

Ombudsman Management Reports

Access the Ombudsman Management Reports and learn about the analysis of citizens statements and information about measures taken by the government.

Next events

Follow the program of courses and training related to citizenship for the employees of the agencies and entities state.

Certificação em Ouvidoria - 2021 Turma IV Módulo IX: Gestão por processo voltada para ouvidoria
Oficina de Qualidade nas Respostas de Ouvidoria Turma IV

Ombudsmen Network

The State of Ceará has an organized network of Ombudsmen. This provides for standardization of processes and helps to put in place better public policies.

Ombudsman manifestations Statistics

See statistics and data on the types of Ombudsman manifestations made by citizens since March 2018.
Showing data from January - October of 2021
Total valid statements
7 Days
Total of valid entries
% of responses answered within the deadline

Digital Ombudsman Satisfaction Survey

Monthly statistical panels such as the consolidated data from the satisfaction survey and the service assessments carried out by citizens in Ceará Transparente.
Showing data from the period of September of 2021
Total manifestations answered
Querie answered by the users of Ceará Transparente
Talk, be part of the government and assert your right as a citizen. Access the channels below!
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