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Socioeconomic Information



The Socioeconomic Indicators have been created in the hopes of contributing to an adequate analysis of the social conditions in which the people of the State are, emphasizing their basic needs. You can download all Social and Economic Indicators of the State of Ceará below.  

Apart from the aforementioned indicators, you can also consult the Statistical Yearbook of Ceará, which is a document that has been produced annually since 1985, where data and information on geographical, demographic, social and political characteristics of the State, as well as data on economy and finances are aggregated. You can access the Yearbook by clicking in the following link: Statistical Yearbook of Ceará.

It is also worth mentioning that it is also possible to have a panoramic view on the diverse aspects of the 184 cities which compose the State of Ceará by consulting the Basic Municipal Profile. Its structure comprises five topics involving geographical, sociodemographic and cultural aspects, infrastructure, economy and finances, and finally, local power.



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