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Government Model

The search for excellence in public administration entails innovative methods, techniques and processes for management, keeping the promise of striving for transparency to governmental actions and opening new slots for participation and negotiation for a better synchrony between the Government project and what society elects as a priority.

The governance model focuses on the participatory management, highlighting the inclusive MAP (Multiannual Plan), Ombudsman and the Bank of Ideas.

Other essential instruments for governance are the Model of Public Management by Results, Monitoring of Actions and Priority Projects, the Committee of Management by Results and Tax Management

Imagem com símbolos representando ferramentas de controle social

Social Control Tools

Social Control Tools reports.

Imagem com um organograma representando a estrutura organizacional

Organizational Structure

Learn more here about the structure, addresses and telephone numbers for the bodies of Executive Power.

Imagem de um mapa do estado do Ceará

Inclusive MAP

The participatory and regional planning of the MAP aims to expand inclusive democracy. Learn more

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Learn more about how the Monitoring of Priority Actions and Projects works – MPAP

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