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What is Ombudsman?

In the context of public management, the Ombudsman is the main communication channel between citizens and the different governmental institutions. This tool enables an open dialogue with public power and social control through the submission of suggestions, praise, queries, claims and complains related to public services. After received the manifestations, it is the ombudsman’s job to analyze and forward them to the areas in charge. Furthermore, based on information brought in by citizens, the ombudsman can identify improvements and propose changes, such as pointing out irregularities in any body or entity.

The Ombudsman is also the body for participation and social control responsible for the treatment of manifestations related to policies and public services provided under any form or system, with an eye to the assessment of efficacy and the improvement of public management.

It is through the Ombudsman that any citizen can report and participate in the public administration, with the exercise of social control – by logging suggestions, praise, queries, claims and complaints aiming at the improvement of policies and public services.

How to use it: The “Ceará Transparente” platform has been created in order to facilitate the communication between you, citizen, and the various governmental institutions. The system allows you to log new suggestions, praise, queries, claims and complaints, and also follow public manifestations put forward by other citizens. In order to do that, all you need to do is browse the sections below.

Logging a new manifestation: Create a new manifestation to register a suggestion, praise, query, claim or report related to the public power. After creating your manifestation, you can do some follow-up in the protocol number or access your profile on “Ceará Transparente”, or still, through the several service channels, such as the 155 phone number and Social Networks.

Public manifestations: Check previously logged manifestations which have been classified as public by other citizens who have already used the tool. Not only can you access each manifestation’s history or obtain the response you need, but also contribute to those pending ones, by following them or adding complementary information.

Ombudsman manifestations Statistics: Check the statistics and data about the Ombudsman manifestations created by citizens. You can browse through the different sorts of manifestations – claim, complaint, praise, query or suggestion – to refresh the data currently shown.

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