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Primary Result

The primary result represents the difference between revenues and primary expenses (not financial). Its calculation offers a better assessment of the impact of tax policies in execution by the entity of the Federation. Primary superavits, allocated to the payment of services of the debt, contribute to the reduction of total liquid debt stock. On the other hand, primary deficits indicate the share of the increase in the debt, resulting from financing non-financial costs which go beyond non-financial revenues.

Under the terms of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, art. 9 caput states that: Art. 9º In case it is proven, at the end of a bimester, that the revenue execution cannot comprise the accomplishment of goals of primary or nominal result in the Fiscal Goals attachment, the Powers and Public Ministry will hold, through own act and with the necessary amount, in the following 30 days, limitation of allocation and financial movement, according to criteria determined by the Law of Budgetary Guidelines.

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