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About the Portal

The Transparency Portal has as an objective enabling the citizen to become a fiscal of public actions, expanding the transparency of the management and combating corruption in the State of Ceará, in accord with State Law n.º 13875/2007 and the Decree 30939/2012.

The Transparency Portal was conceived as an important tool for the Transparency of the actions taken by the State Government of Ceará. With that being said, the purpose of the Portal is providing the citizen with didactic access to the most important information of the State Government of Ceará through a single channel.

Very detailed information about revenues and expenditures by the State Government of Ceará can be found, in accord with Complementary Federal Law n.º 131/2009. In addition, the Portal allows the monitoring of contracts and agreements signed by the State Government of Ceará. Through a monitoring system developed by the State Controllership and General Ombudsman – CGE, it’s possible to identify the contracts and agreements by the State Public Administration.

With the arrival of Federal Law 12527/2011, which controls the access to information and State Law 15175/2012, which defines rules for the implementation of the aforementioned Federal Law, the Portal becomes a very important instrument for active transparency, which allows access to public data.

For the promotion of the transparency culture and spread of information, the portal presents the model of governorship adopted by the State Executive Power, highlights policies, investments and results of the actions taken by the government and makes information available so as to attract investments for the State of Ceará.



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