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Revenues X Expenses

Budget Planning and Execution

Here you can find budgetary and financial information related to the State. You can also get to know the plannings instruments by clicking here.

See how much the State of Ceará has earned (where the money comes from) and how much it has spent (where the money goes). Find out who has signed contracts or agreements with the State. Learn more about Purchases, quantities and costs of goods acquired and check Bids.

Learn more about tax indicators, the Tax Management Report, Summarized Report for Budgetary Implementation, General State Balance, etc.

Look out! Here you can find more detailed information about the Executive Power. In order to learn more detailed information from the Legislative, Judiciary Powers or the Public Ministry, visit their respective websites.

In case you would like to learn more detailed information regarding non-dependent companies, or the Water and Sewage Treatment Company – CAGECE, Ceará Harbor Integration Company  - CEARÁPORTOS, Ceará State Supply Company – CEASA, Ceará Gas Supply Company - CEGÁS, Ceará State Water Supplies Management Company – COGERH, Ceara State Development Agency – ADECE, and the Metropolitan Transportation State Company - METROFOR, visit their respective websites.

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