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Citizen Participation

Welcome to the citizen participation area. Here you can follow workshops, assess, monitor and take part in the Multiannual Plan (MAP).

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Take part in MAP


What is participation?

It is a right entitled to all citizens to share the room for decisions regarding the different public policies with the Government.

Why should I take part in it?

The citizen participation is essential for the joint creation of a better future for everyone. It is where the civil society can offer opinions, debate and built better public policies in collaboration with the Government.

What is the Multiannual Plan (MAP)?

It is a plan to direct the governmental actions through goals and targets with a main focus on the improvement of results expected by society in each area of the State.

Ppa flow

What are the stages of the MAP?

The Multiannual Plan has 4 stages:

Stage 1: The PPA is the basis that guides all governmental actions, setting up the expected results and the priority offers of goods and services

Stage 2: After it has been designed, the budgetary laws will determine how much should be spent so that the expected results are met

Stage 3: After it has been concluded, the State of Ceará budgetary implementation can be monitored and assessed as to whether the goals are being achieved, so that they indeed are, in the end

Stage 4: Through monitoring, and afterwards, the assessment, society can exercise their right to citizenship and determine whether the Government is able to fulfill social needs and interests

MAP Workshops

The Regional Workshops are moments for meetings, debates, assessment and suggestions. It is when the government reaches people to hear more about what they think and propose as a means of improvement of the services offered.

Find more information about the MAP Workshops soon!

Acompanhe o PPA na sua região

O planejamento participativo é realizado nas regiões do Estado do Ceará. Com o Ceará Transparente, todos os cidadãos poderão contribuir e participar desse processo por meio da Internet.

Em breve, as estratégias regionalizadas priorizadas do PPA!

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